Thursday, July 30, 2020

Landslide Report 1 (Kalimpong) July2020

Landslide 1

Location: Lower Mahakal Dara, Tirpai, Kalimpong
Coordinates: 27°04.726´N, 088°28.868´ E .
Elevation: 1265m
Date of Occurrence: Old landslide but gets reactivated with heavy rains. This time got activated in Jun2020 and again in July2020.
Landslide type: Debris
Size: Larger than a 3 storey building
Cause of Landslide: Heavy rainfall and road widening activity
* Road from Mahakal Dara to Khamdung seen has been partially blocked by the slide.
* Tikaram Rai, aged 69, (seen in the bottom image) a farmer and his brother have lost approx 1 acre of farmland at Mahakal Dara (directly above the road seen)
Rainfall: 06July -109mm, 23Jul - 62.8mm,27Jul - 88mm

Landslide 2

Location: Mandal Gaon, Tirpai, Kalimpong
Coordinates: 27°04.907´N 088°29.144´ E
Elevation: 1307m
Date of Occurrence: 27July2020.
Landslide type: Debris
Size: Size of a SUV
Cause of Landslide: Heavy rainfall and drainage
* Road from Tirpai to Mahakal dara and Khamdung area which has been recently repaired has caved in at one side
Rainfall: 06July -109mm, 23Jul - 62.8mm, 27Jul - 88mm

Landslide 3

: CHIBO, Kalimpong
Coordinates: 27°3’9”N, 088°27´19”E
Date of Occurrence: 29Jul2020
Landslide Type: Debris
Size: Huge (3-4 storey building size)
The CHIBO-PASHYOR landslides have been covered numerous times in this blog and have been the subject of study by equally numerous scientific studies.
This area, particularly was studied by IIT KHARAGPUR, IIIT Hyderabad and even though IIT Kharagpur submitted a DPR for mitigation work in exactly this spot, nothing came out of it.
Read here
* The subsidence of this road yesterday, means that the main road linking CHIBO and a number of villages on the western face of Kalimpong ridge to Kalimpong has effectively snapped.
* Several families live directly above this landslide and in its close vicinity whi

Praful Rao
Kalimpong district
Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya

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