Monday, November 19, 2007


1. Report on Meeting held at Trizum Hall on 17Nov2007

The meeting commenced at 1100hrs with approx 100 persons attending from various organizations. The meeting was organized by Himalayan Farmer’s Front under the “savethehills” banner.


a) It was decided that representatives from “savethehills” would meet the Chief Minister (CM) Mr Buddhadev Bhattacharya when he came to Darjeeling on the 23Nov2007.

In order to do this, 5-8 persons from the gathering met theSDO Mr PT Sherpa at his residence immediately after the meeting and submitted a written request to arrange a meeting with the CM in Darjeeling.

The SDO however said that the District Magistrate (DM) was visiting Kalimpong on 20Nov2007 and he suggested that “savethehills” meet the DM directly and request him to do the needful.

b) It was decided that while a selected few from “savethehills” would meet the DM on 20Nov2007- clubs, NGOs and village organizations would be requested to send representatives to a selected venue (the Townhall, Kalimpong) at 1200hrs after which the group would proceed to the SDO’s office as a show of solidarity and urgency.

c) It was also decided to hold a seminar in Kalimpong on the landslide situation at a later date involving all NGOs, Govt depts and concerned citizens.

A press brief was given on the above.

2) Photo Exhibition

We are trying to work on a photo exhibition in Darjeeling and Kalimpong around the 10Dec2007 on the recent landslides. The idea was earlier mooted by my young firend Roshan Rai of Anugyalay and I think it would be a good way of spreading awareness about the gravity of the landslide situation amongst the public since most are not even aware of the scale of the near disaster in Sep2007.

I wonder whether anyone in Kurseong/ Mirik would be interested?

praful rao

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