Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Protest rally demanding preventive action against landslides by “savethehills” :20Nov2007 (1230hrs)

Please refer the earlier blog (1. Report on Meeting held at Trizum Hall on 17Nov2007 para b)

As per the decision in the above meeting, a fairly large group of affected/concerned people gathered at the Town Hall premises on 20Nov2007. (Slide 1).

After getting requisite permit from the concerned authorities the rally started from the Town Hall to the Damber Chowk, into the the motor stand and back. (Slides 2,3,4,5). The rally went to meet the DM at the SDO’s office (Slide 6).

All thru the rally, including at the SDO’s office, slogans were chanted that mere post disaster “relief” measures not enough and that preventive actions was required, the government was asked to wake up to this fact.

A few members of the group met the SDO, Mr PT Sherpa (WBCS) who said the DM had not come to Kalimpong because he was unwell. A letter asking the DM to arrange a meeting with the Chief Minister (when he visited Darjeeling) was handed over to him (which was faxed to the DM immediately).

A short meeting was held with the SDO where it was requested that:-

a) The SDO arrange a meeting with all departments (such as soil conservation, irrigation social forestry and so on) involved in disaster prevention where representative of savethehills would also attend.

b) Representative of “savethehills” be allowed to meet Geological Survey of India team which was scheduled to visit Kalimpong in Dec2007.

c) The SDO was also asked to intervene directly to get “savethehills” an appointment with the CM.

Later, a meeting was held at the Town Hall where the people who took part in the rally were requested to keep in touch with the organizers so that as and when the permission to meet the CM was granted, at least 10-15 vehicles full of affected people would go to Darjeeling to demonstrate the urgency and concern to the Chief Minister.

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