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Photographic record of the impact of 04Oct2023 GLOF on NHPC assets at SIngtam, Sikkim

BALUATAR, SINGTAM (27 15 1.8 N  88 27 34.1 E)

While returning from our visit to North Sikkim on 19Nov2023, we stopped by at Baluatar, Singtam to check the impact of the GLOF on the large NHPC complex there. It consists of the NHPC Stage V (Dikchu dam) power station, the Office of CEO, LANCO Teesta Hydro Electric Project, quarters for NHPC officers and personnel, a Kendriya Vidyalaya school, hospital and shopping complex .

View of the damage from NH10.
The damage to the assets has been huge with the bridge connecting the opposite bank at Baluatar washed away:
The whole area was deserted so we could not check when this area was hit by the GLOF, their experience or ascertain what was damaged except that which was immediately visible to us:
Damaged machinery outside the Stage V Power Station.

The raw power of nature is evident from these steel rods which have been bent and torn off. From photographs on the internet, there was a playground here and a lot of trees and greenery. The GLOF has swiped away everything and dumped almost 10 feet of sludge/sand  here.
Damaged electrical components of NHPC Stage VI dam complex at Baluatar
What appears to be a workshop covered with tons of sludge. A bus lies partially buried in the debris.
A structure excavated from approx 12 feet of sludge at the NHPC Stage VI complex.


NHPC TEESTA STAGE VI Hydro Electric Project Barrage at Sirwani, SINGTAM             (27 14 34.9 N  88 28 37.8 E)

The barrage, with what appears to be ruins of the bridge (see map) which was swept down by the GLOF

Literally every crevice and nook along the path of the GLOF has been filled up with millions of tree stumps. The destruction of forests by the GLOF should be quantified to know how much was lost to the floods.
This is the STAGE VI dam at Sirwani, SIngtam on 19Nov2023.

Praful Rao
Kalimpong district
Darjeeling - Sikkim Himalaya


Praveen Chhetri
Junkeri Studios,

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