Friday, May 5, 2023

AI generated images of landslide disasters

I have always been fond of both computers and photography, so I am amazed by the awesome capablities of ChatGPT. I also shudder at what AI can do in art, photography and maybe even music.
To learn a little more about AI in photography, I have been tinkering around with since yesterday. This is a free AI software on the internet.
Placed below are several images I created since then and am shocked how realistic they become as one gains more experience in using the software. I used keywords related to the Himalayas and landslides to generate the first 3 images and then on earthquakes and dams to create the latter two.
Keywords related to Landslides and Himalayas

Keywords related to Earthquakes and dams in the Himalayas

All the above images are as created by AI without my editing them in Photoshop (PS). The quality of the images can certainly be improved:
a. With more practice
b. By editing them in PS
b. Using - but this is not a freeware.

The image below shows how uncannily close to reality the AI image:

Praful Rao
Kalimpong district
Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya

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