Friday, February 3, 2023

STH Landslide documentaries being featured in Film Festival on 'Exploring Risk', at Durham University (U.K) -16/17Feb2023

We just received news that the Institute of Hazard, Risk, and Resilience at Durham University (UK) is hosting 'The Exploring Risk 2023 Film Festival' on the 16/17Feb2023 and that they would like to feature our 2 documentaries on the Pathing Landslides during the film festival.

I am extremely proud that they have chosen to do so and am planning to make another documentary during the monsoons of 2023 on the 'Impact of Landslide Disasters on Rural Communities' (subject to fund availability). 

Rural communities are the forgotten lot in landslide disasters, with all the focus and media attention going to landslides on communication lines such as roads and highways and to those in urban centers. In such a scenario, hardly anyone pays heed to smaller landslides which nibble away unnoticed in rural areas, destroying livelihoods and farmlands.

Update as on 15Feb2023

Link for registering for the live streamed films on16Feb2023 at 11.30pm (IST)

Please register with the link below

Praful Rao
Kalimpong district
Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya

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