Thursday, November 17, 2016

STH Activities : With Component 'V' of NDMA team for drawing up a National Strategy on Landslide Risk Managment (24-25Oct2016)

Subsequent to the first meeting called by NDMA for the Formulation of a National Strategy on Landslide Risk Management, Component 'V' which is responsible for preparation of Mountain Zone Regulations and Policies met for two days in Kalimpong.
Being a member of this Component,I am extremely happy that the 6 member team could visit the Chibo-Pashyor landslide area in Kalimpong and also interact with affected members of the community in a focused group discussion.

For those interested, the following six major components have been formed for formulating the National Landslide Strategy by the NDMA :-

I. Generation of User-Friendly Landslide Hazard Maps

II. Development of Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System (EWS)

III.Awareness Programmes

IV. Capacity Building and Training of stakeholders

V. Preparation of Mountain Zone Regulations & Policies

VI. Stabilization and Mitigation of Landslides & Creation of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for Landslide Management 

Praful Rao,
Dist Darjeeling

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