Monday, October 26, 2015

Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) Round Table meeting on 'Landslide Risk Reduction' : 04Nov2015

As is known, Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), is the apex body for Engineering in the country.
Its Forum on Engineering Interventions for Disaster Mitigation is holding a one day Round Table 2 discussion on Landslide Risk Reduction on 04Nov2015.
The main thrust of the meeting will be on
  •  Large scale Landslide Hazard mapping for anticipation of landslide hazards and their mitigation, and 
  •  Science, Engineering and Innovation in Landslide Investigation, studies and management.
Venue : Central Road Research Institute(CRRI), New Delhi (near Okhla on the Delhi-Mathura highway.)

You can download the Abridged Recommendations (ii) Recommendations and (iii) The Backgrounder and the Basis Paper of the meeting here

Praful Rao,
Dist Darjeeling

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