Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our 74rth one....

Ever since its inception in Sep2007, one of the primary roles of STH has been to raise awareness about landslides and the fragility of the mountain environment.
In so doing we have assisted various media organizations in making 3 documentary films on landslides and also participated or organized many awareness workshops and seminars on disasters and landslides, all over the country and at various levels starting from the grass roots to the national.
On 22Mar2013, we did our 74rth awareness program at the Kalimpong Child Development Centre which was attended by more than 80 parents and children from villages on the western face of Kalimpong and the program was well received.
I am glad to say that we have done so with very little funding but lots of goodwill and help from fellow NGOs, Government organizations and eminent scientists and resource persons who have shared their knowledge in our platforms without charging a dime.
Our entire work in this regard has been well documented in this blog and we hope to continue this important task with gusto in the future.

Praful Rao

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