Thursday, August 16, 2012

The good and bad news : El Nino is around.


It is now official that El Nino conditions will prevail over the the northern hemisphere at least until Nov2012 and it is widely speculated that this will lead to a shortfall in rainfall in India even as the south westerly monsoon slowly withdraws from the sub-continent.
As if to prove this point, we are experiencing extraordinary weather in this part of world with rainfall again running woefully short in Aug2012 (we had deficient rain in May & Jun2012) and with no major weather system (ie formation of low pressure/depression or cyclone) developing in the Bay of Bengal thus far in 2012.
Whereas this maybe good news as regards landslides in this region (we had no major landslides or casualties except for the Tindharia and Pagla Jhora slides), I shudder to think of what it portends for our drinking water and power situation in the summer of 2013 (not to mention impact on agri/horticulture over the winter months etc).

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