Monday, September 26, 2011

STH storm watch : Bad news - Low pressure west of Darjeeling / Sikkim

I have been tracking this depression/low pressure since 22Sep2011 (see here). After moving  inland on 22Sep, it has somehow swerved towards us and now lies to the west of us (red dot). As per meteorologists the system is likely to move in a northeasterly direction and may come over the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya which has already had heavy and incessant rain for 24hrs. This is certainly bad news for us, who are struggling to cope with the aftermath of the 6.9 Richter EQ of 18Sep2011 and also because the heavy rain is coming down on earth which is thoroughly saturated after 5 months of rain.
I urge all readers of this blog from this region to remain updated about the movement of the system from this page.
Rainfall in Kalimpong for the past two days has been :-
  • 26Sep2011 - 28mm till 11.30am
  • 25Sep2011 - 52mm
  • 24Sep2011 - 31mm

    Praful Rao

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seasoned_soul said...

Something I noticed in the IMD page. You might have already seen this.Here it is, incase you missed it: Latest weather update on Sikkim and neighbourhood.