Friday, March 18, 2011

Working with the Communities 2011- Dhobi Dhara village (on the west face of Kalimpong). 13Mar2011

Dhobi Dhara village is a densely packed hamlet consisting of almost 200 houses located on a steep slope on the western face of Kalimpong, just below the Scottish University Mission Institution.
People of the village are no strangers to landslides with slips taking place on a regular basis almost every monsoon.
STH has commenced community work in the village on 13Mar2011 when we had preliminary interaction with around 35 people of the village on how best to face the onslaught of the monsoons this year. We hope to proceed along the lines that we did while working in Chibo village last year.
I also went for an hour long tour of the area with two young volunteers who explained me the drainage pattern of the area and showed me vulnerable areas.

Praful Rao

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