Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dumsi Pakha, (Kalimpong) - a village living on borrowed time

Dumsi Pakha village is a densely packed bunch of approx 55 houses located on a steep hillside below the BB Pradhan Management College in Kalimpong. The village is also wedged in between two large natural drains (jhoras) which is the cause of substantial erosion and instability; sadly in addition to this, the densely populated area has no drainage system whatsoever. 
Last year, 3 houses suffered damage and 4 homes were destroyed in the area and people had to be temporarily shifted to the village community hall (which itself is not too safe).
Even a small landslide in this area would kill quite a few people (due to the population density) and a large landslide will certainly destabilize the infrastructure and buildings at the crest
The GPS coordinates of the area are : N 27° 03.923´, E 088° 27.754´ and the elevation is 1027m/3369 ft . The village is located within the municipal limits of Kalimpong town.

Praful Rao

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