Monday, January 18, 2010

India Weather on the Web; India Met Dept's new upgraded and updated website

Of all the websites that I visit during the monsoons, certainly India Meteorological Dept's (IMD) earlier website (  - which is still not removed),  was certainly the most frequented. I used to check it out (especially the Satellite Images and the Severe Weather Warnings) sometimes as often as 3 times a day...
I am glad to inform you that IMD has now launched a new and upgraded website (it is here).  Some of the new features that one can notice immediately notice are :-
a) You can now register yourself and get weather alerts by email / SMS! (They are still working on the list of cities/towns)
b) You can now CHOOSE the weather stations from where you want weather info.
c) The Automatic Weather Station (AWS) data is now accesssible in a much more user friendly manner.

There are many new features some of which are still on a trial but should be available before the monsoons set in....

Praful Rao

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