Wednesday, June 24, 2009

640 signatures and 20 months later , landslide prevention work commences at ALAICHIKHOP, Kalimpong

ALAICHIKHOP, Kalimpong has been featured on this blog many times earlier (refer blogs of 24 Sep07, 01Oct07, 29Mar08, 20June08) mainly because it epitomizes the nightmare which we in STH have shouting hoarse about - a densely populated area which is very landslide prone. Last week, the Irrigation Dept of the Government (DGHC) finally commenced preventive work in this area .. I am glad to say that we did play a role in getting this work started along with the people of this area with particular reference to Mr Bishnu Chhetri.
And even though we have MILES TO GO before we sleep, well - it is a start.

Praful Rao

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