Tuesday, May 26, 2009

STH storm watch - Cyclone "AILA" comes calling

Almost 72hrs after sending an email alert to most NGOs and a concerned Govt Agency and posting the satellite picture of the cyclone in its nascent stage, Cyclone "AILA" is here.
We have had incessant rain since yesterday (65mm on 25May09 and 67mm so far today- 26May at 0700h) and the forecast is that we will continue to have heavy rain until 27May09 at least.


Dr Dave said...

I have just seen the reports of more than 100 landslides and at least ten people killed. It sounds like a very terrible time in Darjeeling. I hope that things calm down very quickly.

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes

David Petley

Mystic Mountain Man said...

Dear Praful Daa...

The worst fears have been realized...

Jorebunglow is worst hit... a whole village [Jungle Busty] has been swept away..

Many houses have also been swept in and around Jorebungla..Houses have been swept in 3rd mile.. 14t mile.. and Permanent Busty area..

Please pray for all

SaveTheHills said...

My regrets for not answering yr comments earlier:-
What I am profoundly worried about is the fact that we still have 4 months (Jun-Sep) of rain ahead of us..which translates into almost 2500mm of rainfall..