Thursday, April 9, 2009

18 months down the line...

One of our main roles as an NGO has and will be raising awareness about scourge of landslides in the Darjeeling/Sikkim Himalayas and the need for commencing a sustained and holistic landslide prevention / mitigation program here.
In the almost 18 months of our existence, I daresay that we have had a fair measure of success in this. We have had extensive media coverage, the National Disaster Management Authority has been made aware of our plight so has the District Disaster Management Authority and many amongst our citizenry are more aware of the causes landslides today.
Placed above is a record of our awareness programs and a photograph from our most recent workshop at Dansberg Social Club, 12th Mile Kalimpong.
What is ironic in all this, we lack basic equipment such as a LCD projector, laptop and a video camera to do this awareness work and most of the programs have been carried out on our own steam or with the help of friends.

praful rao

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