Saturday, April 5, 2008

Awareness meeting with political leaders in Kalimpong, 02Apr2008

Politicians are breed of people who are generally keenly aware of issues at hand. However, since landslides are an issue which cuts across all party lines in the hills, an awareness meeting was held at the Town Hall, Kalimpong on 02Apr2008 in a bid to get them onto the landslide prevention bandwagon and to insist on better preparedness against this hazard in the monsoons ahead.
A report by Mr Yusuf Simick, member Himalayan Farmers Front (HFF) , the organizers of the meeting:-

HFF, (an NGO based in Dungra, Kalimpong) had invited all political parties in Kalimpong for a dialogue regarding adequacy of preventive measures against landslides with a view to get them involved in the process. Leaders from all political parties and their members (except for the BJP and the Gorkha League) attended the meeting.
Mr Nayan Pradhan, (President, HFF) welcomed all the participants to the meeting and asked Wg Cdr Praful Rao (retd), Convener, STH to continue. A 45min powerpoint presentation was given on the landslide situation and also the course of action taken by STH for the last 6 months by Wg Cdr Rao (retd).
The participants also contributed their experience regarding landslides and relief work.
Various view points were discussed, but finally it was decided that SDO should be requested to conduct a meeting of various parties and departments involved in landslide prevention to find a solution to the problem.
The President of the GJMM (Kalimpong branch), the leading political party of the region met members of HFF after the meeting and assured them that his party would open a special cell which will provide necessary assistance to the endeavor of Save the Hill Campaign and Himalayan Farmer's Front to bring Government attention for preventive action against landslides.

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Swaroop said...

A big thanks to everybody involved in this meeting. At last, a good sign that something may be done to address this much maligned issue that has such a devastating effect on the lives of the hill residents. I do hope that all the political leaders who attended is not all mouth and no action. Positive action to address this long overdue issue needs to be taken without any further delays, if the hills are to be saved from disastrous natural damages.