Monday, May 3, 2010

The 14th Mile Landslides in Kalimpong revisited -02May2010

I have covered the 14th Mile landslide problem (here) at Kalimpong earlier in 2007 .
On 02May2010, I was invited by village people of the area to have a detailed look at the area again. What we did was walked all the way form the top (GPS Waypoint 41) to the base of the natural rivulet (GPS Waypoint 47) which is the cause of the instability in the area. During the course of the 5hr walk we interacted with affected people of the area and saw what has now become a familiar sight - farmland which has disappeared, homes which are cracked and despair written on the faces of people.
Even though this problem has been persisting for many decades now, nothing has been done to mitigate or otherwise control this hazard as such now it seems virtually uncontrollable.

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