Sunday, May 30, 2010

STH Activities - Community work at CHIBO/PASHYOR villages (27May2010)

STH has been doing some CBDRM (Community Based Disaster Risk Management) work in CHIBO/PASHYOR villages for the past few months (see here). These villages bore the brunt of  landslides in the month of Aug2009 and now that the monsoons are again at our doorstep we met up with some young volunteers of the area in a village school.
What we have been able to do in these villages is sensitize them to the landslide issue, train 11 young people on first aid and equip them with basic FIRST AID equipment. We will also provide them with some rescue equipment shortly. In addition, we have arranged to SMS early warning messagesor bad weather alerts to them about periods of heavy rainfall so that the villagers are better prepared to deal with landslides.

Praful Rao

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