Saturday, August 3, 2013

Landslide Report : 'Cloud burst' in Upper Rimbi, (West Sikkim) 30 July 2013

1. On 30 July 2013 a 'cloud burst' was reported by locals in Rimbi, Pelling (W. Sikkim). There was a very heavy downpour in the late afternoon which caused flash floods around 6 pm in the evening.
The rainfall data  is unfortunately not available.
2. Perhaps because the whole scenario occurred during daylight, there was no loss of life. A report on the loss/damage is as follows:-
  • There were landslides reported along Lungmo Khola in Sindrabong and in the area below Topung village, opposite Upper Rimbi school.
  • 14 houses were washed away.
  • The SSB camp in SangKhola was partially destroyed by the swollen river. 1 jeep ,and 2 motorcycles were also washed away.
  • The main road and bridge connecting Sindrabong village to Upper Rimbi has been swept away. Also the village footpath connecting Sangkhola to Chongri and Lungmo Dara has been severely damaged,  along with 7 other bridges which have been either completely washed away or damaged beyond repair.
  • Houses located in vulnerable areas on the banks of the river have been evacuated since the happening.
Photo Credit and Story
Mr Nima Tashi,

Rohan Rao,
Kalimpong ,
Dist - Darjeeling,

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