Monday, August 19, 2013

Landslide report (Kalimpong) : 17 Aug 2013, Mahakal Dara (between Dr.Graham's Homes and Deolo).

On 17Aug2013 between 0400 hrs - 0500 hrs, a landslide occurred on the road to Mahakal Dara from Kalimpong town. Earlier rockfall and slide instances in this area during intense rain is documented here  and here.
Known details of the slide on 17Aug2013 are as follows :-

  • The landslide is located between Dr. Graham's Homes school and Deolo
    (N 27°08.6677’, E 88°49.4376’).
  • Rainfall - 28mm between approx 0200hrs - 0400hrs.
  • Clearing the road will take at least 2-3 days since the slide is still active, which effectively maroons approx 2-300 people in Mahakal Dara village.
  • No deaths.
  • Probable cause : Underground water seepage from leaking Deolo water reservoirs (which store domestic water supply for Kalimpong town and are located almost directly above the affected area) and the intense rainfall.
Photo credit : Mukesh Sharma,
                      Dainik Jagran.
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