Saturday, March 21, 2009

A voice from the wilderness ...Balasun

Nehore Balasun Tea Estate (T.E) is a part of Sukhia Block, Darjeeling Subdivision, Darjeeling District. Landslides have affected this area since 1998 and where there were once orange orchards and extensive forestation there is now only dusty, crumbling slopes - landslides have devoured the orchards, parts of the T.E and homesteads.
In the past 77 families had to be shifted from their homes and rehabilitated and this year a further 88 families may have to follow the same fate in the most affected villages of Babu and Siran Gaon.
Though geological surveys have been carried out and officials of the state govt have visited the area nothing has been done by way to trying to control this devastation or manage the landslide.
So as of now, the letter addressed to me is just another voice in the wilderness...
and I wonder just who is listening?

- As narrated to the undersigned by young STH activist Bhusan Chhetri of Kurseong College and Mr Ashok Gurung of Nehore Balasun.
- Photo Credit : Bhusan Chhetri

For those interested, Balasun landslides have been featured on this blog earlier on 18Feb2008 and 04Oct2007

Praful Rao


Anonymous said...

I think govt should look in a serious manner..coz problem is increasing day by day..and the people of there should take further necessary steps like planting a tree over the landslide area..coz if we didn't take care for this..the problem will increase in every season..and the most imporatnt steps should be take by party..and the manager of balasun tea gardan...(PRANESH CHETTRI NAMSU BALASUN)

Shraddha Chhetri said...

Govnt should look after the villages too .....