Tuesday, March 24, 2009

23Mar2009: Seminar at the Centre of Himalayan Studies (Univ of North Bengal)

Several days ago I received an invitation from Prof R Sahu, Director of Centre for Himalayan Studies (CHS) , University of North Bengal , Siliguri for a seminar at the university and yesterday STH was represented in full force at the CHS. The speakers from STH were Er Mr U M Pradhan and the undersigned. It was good to be there in such an august gathering and we certainly look forward to much more interaction with CHS, NBU.

praful rao

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deepak said...

Its nice to see a professional body taking interest in an area which appears to have been largely ignored by the Authorities. We hope that appropriate measures will be taken before the onslaught of the monsoons so that displacement of families can be avoided.

We hope that the CHS will continue to keep an interest and research on our hills.