Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photos from Gangtok

Placed above are images from Gangtok.
On top is the landslide which occurred disrupting the water supply (read previous blog) to Sikkim's capital and above a familiar sight to most of us living in this part of the world, people lining up to buy water from a water tanker in Gangtok - the capital of Sikkim state.

My thanx to
Ms Mita Zulca, prominent publisher of Gangtok, Sikkim and Mr Sagar Chhetri of "NOW", a daily from Gangtok for the photos.
While bringing you these images, STH has networked with NGOs / mediagroups and private citizens to TRY and publish and catalogue reports/ photographs of landslides as they occur in the Darjeeling/ Sikkim region. I do hope we succeed!

praful rao

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