Monday, December 10, 2007

An update on the GSI visit

2 scientists/geologists from the Geological Survey of India have been in Kalimpong for 10 days now, surveying the landslide situation in and around Kalimpong and I am glad to tell u that we have developed a good rapport with them.
We accompanied them on two of their visits showing them some slides which are documented here at "savethehills", then interacted with them on numerous other occasions. I am confident that Kalimpong and its surroundings has come under the scanner by appropriately qualified people as far as landslides are concerned.
We do not know what they will report but what we do know now is that we can BUY their report from GSI, Eastern Region, Kolkatta. We shall certainly do that and insist that these reports be read and recommendations followed instead of being buried in dust in some Govt office.

Again I do not know whether a similar exercise could be carried out in other parts of the district. I certainly feel that local people and NGOs should be more proactive and get involved in meeting and guiding landslides survey teams to affected areas since we know best where the landslides are. The team also saves a lot of time scouting around for slides which took place 4 months back! Also this is our home and if we aren't interested in doing anything about it, who else would be bothered?
I have certainly recommended this in a FAX (which i know, i know is woefully delayed) to the Chief Minister, West Bengal which I shall send today.

praful rao

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Swaroop said...

This is very good news, thanks to your efforts, Praful bhai, hats off to you and your associates who are actively pursuing this issue.

I should like to hope and think that this is only the beginning of positive actions to take place to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future, or at least to minimise the disastrous consequences.

Please do keep us posted and with regards to the fax, better late than never, bhai, do send it.

With kind regards and ashish from,

Swaroop daju.