Sunday, December 2, 2007

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Harvesting Rocks in Dec2007
(Kafley Gaon, Lower Ecchay Bustee, Kalimpong )

Kafley Gaon, Lower Ecchay, Kalimpong has some of the most fertile farmlands in Kalimpong on 01Dec2007 it was the picture of rural bliss -terraced fields bathed in warm, balmy sunshine.

Approx four months back, however things were more ugly.
In a classic case of landslides caused by man interacting/ interfering with nature, farmers living directly above the area shown diverted a huge amount of the overflowing rainwater towards this piece of land – this was done not out of any malice but of sheer necessity since there are no drains in the area to carry away the excess water.

As a result ,today, a significant part of Krishna Adhikari’s farmland is a mass of rocks.

We do not have any data on how much land has been lost by farmers this year but what is known is like Krishna Adhikari, most have yet to receive any compensation what so ever for their loss.

praful rao

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