Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good news for Kalimpong

On 08Dec2007 at 1100hrs a peace march was organized to protest against the recent 5 day strikes and the way rival political party loyalists openly displayed lethal weapons on the streets of Kalimpong for days, while the administration and law enforcement just stood by watched.
The organizers were senior citizens with no political affiliation who had formed a loose group called the CITIZEN'S RIGHT FORUM. About 10-15000 people from all walks of life took to the streets in support of this issue and the requirement of having peace in the hills as a forerunner to any progress here.
The event received wide press coverage.
I, personally am glad that the ordinary citizen who has for years cowered in terror in some corner is finally coming out and speaking.

If you wonder what all this has to do with landslides, well it is just this - finally the ordinary citizen has to assert him/herself to ask for whatever is his or her right..
like landslide prevention which neither the Govt nor political parties are too bothered about.

praful rao

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Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle,

This is indeed a great development. To actually have a juloos to insist on good sense and peace is a welcome change from all the loaded rhetoric and open flaunting of muscle power. There must certainly be more of this 'good sense' to go around else we are sunk. If there is any way I can contribute, please do let me know.