Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome! Blessed winter rains in the Darjeeling Sikkim Himalaya : 20/21Jan2016

Winter rains have almost totally vanished in the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya and so when a western disturbance seen on IR image (top) brought in a smattering of rain in our region on 20/21Jan2016, it was welcome.
The average rainfall for Sub Himalayan West Bengal (SHWB) and Sikkim for the winter months ie Nov-Feb is around 90mm (see IMD chart above) and thus far we have only had around 12mm of rain over this period in Kalimpong as such the rain will not recharge our aquifers and deliver us from the extreme paucity of water here but at least the dust and haze will settle down.

Rainfall on 20 and 21Jan2016 in Kalimpong is 9.6mm and 3.4mm respectively.

Praful Rao
Dist Darjeeling

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