Saturday, June 28, 2014

STH activities (end of Jun2014) : Meeting with CEMPD officials and the Hon MP, Darjeeling

A team from CEMPD were in Darjeeling district during the last week of Jun2014 working on the landslide situation in the district (at the behest of the DST). STH had the wonderful opportunity to interact and learn from this team and we hope do so more in the future.
STH welcomed and met the new MP from Darjeeling, Shri SS Ahluwalia and we presented a paper to him, requesting the following :-
a. A Geological Survey of India (GSI) Circle office in Darjeeling district.
b. An IMetD observatory and a forecasting cell in the district.
Bearing in mind that Darjeeling district is (as per GSI) amongst the most landslide prone in the country and that we receive three times the national average of rainfall (see World Bank stats here), I think our request is justified.

Praful Rao,
Darjeeling district.

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