Monday, January 27, 2014

STH Activities (25Jan2014) - Awareness camp held in CDC (Child Development Center) Bijoy Nagar, Naxalbari.

In an effort to raise awareness amongst the rural community of Naxalbari , STH was in Bijoy Nagar T.E at Naxalbari, North Bengal on 25Jan2014 and held an awareness camp in the CDC (Child Development Center) complex there.
The 20-25 attendees consisted mainly of tea garden workers and a few students. The session was conducted in Hindi and covered DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) and domestic fire safety.

Special thanks to Mr.Amosh from Compassion for organizing the camp.

Rohan Rao,
Secretary, STH

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Anonymous said...

i want to be a part of it but dont know how

Anonymous said...

please tell me how can i also contribute to this outstanding work

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