Sunday, October 13, 2013

STH stormwatch (update) : Cyclone Phailin, after the landfall (13Oct2013.1)

'Very Severe Cyclone' Phailin made landfall almost exactly as predicted around 2100h on 12Oct2013, near Gopalpur. It has moved inland and should be now downgraded to a 'Cyclone'.
As per reports coming in, the damage and certainly the fatalities seems to be much less than expected perhaps because
a. Enough lead time was available to prepare and mobilize forces.

b. Large scale evacuation carried out.
c. Overall preparedness, in terms of storm shelters etc was better.
d. Most importantly and mercifully, the storm itself was of lesser intensity than forecast.
(see Automatic Weather Station Report  of Bhubaneswar agro for rainfall and wind speed records)
While hoping the worst is over, the storm is still potent and very much around and will have to be watched closely and also disaster management in the affected areas will now have to move onto the next phase viz assessment of needs and damage, relief , rehab and reconstruction.
Updates will continue on STH stormwatch.

Praful Rao,
Dist Darjeeling

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