Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rainfall data Darjeeling district and N Sikkim - Jun2013

Jun2013 was extraordinary; it was the month of the "Himalayan Tsunami" when torrential rains over Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in mid Jun2013, caused unprecedented loss of life and a disaster which the country is still trying to grapple with.
Whilst the rest of the country reported normal to excess rainfall, the north eastern states of India went deficient in rainfall. STH reported the formation of two low pressure areas in the Bay of Bengal, the first weather system eventually reaching the Uttarakhand region in mid Jun2013.
Also, two interesting facts observed in Jun2013 were :-

  • The 24hr rainfall over Dehradun on 17Jun2013 (338mm) was more than the entire month's rainfall in Kalimpong for Jun2013.
  • In the Darjeeling -Sikkim area, approximately half the month of June2013 was almost dry (less than 5mm rainfall).

    Praful Rao,
    Dist Darjeeling.

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