Monday, March 21, 2011

STH Activities : North Bengal University (NBU) field visit to Sindebung :19Mar2011

During the 2 day Seminar on "Disasters : Perception and Mitigation" held at NBU (Dept of Geography) on 11-12Mar2011,  90 odd geographers, geologists and students had visited  some landslide areas of Kalimpong.
The fall out of this visit was that the Department of Geography (NBU) would make some more visits to landslide affected areas in Kalimpong.
As such on 19Mar2011, a team of professors and students lead by the Head of Department Dr (Mrs) Indira Lepcha, visited the Sindebung landslides almost for the entire day  and interacted extensively with the affected community there (having lunch and tea at Sindebung amongst villagers).They were also shown the Pashyor landslide at 5th Mile Kalimpong prior to departing for the University late in the evening.
Comment by Praful Rao
Having attending numerous seminars, meetings and workshops at various levels on landslides, I find that there is a huge disconnect between the wonderful work  geologists, geographers and scientists do and the conditions which exist at the grass root level ie in landslide affected communities. What is sad but true is that seldom does the work of the scientific community percolate down to the affected people whose lot has not changed in many decades despite massive advances in our understanding of the science of landslides.
To that extent I welcome this visit by this visit by the NBU where they witnessed first hand the problems felt by a farming community in Kalimpong which has been afflicted by landslides for more than 30 years now.

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Andrew Rumbach said...

If preventing disasters was only about engineering, geology, and meteorology, they would no longer happen. Science and engineering has taught us so much about hazards, yet we understand so little about how, and why, people, organizations, and governments fail to protect themselves and those they are responsible for. Keep fighting the good fight.