Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the anvil...

Projects on hand with SaveTheHills (STH) :-

1. 07Aug2010 (PR Pradhan Merit Awards in Kalimpong Town Hall).
The P.R Pradhan Merit Award is a huge, day long annual event in Kalimpong in  which approx 500 students from all the schools of Kalimpong and many eminent persons of the town attend. It is organized Scottish Universities Mission Institution (S.U.M.I) school Alumni Association to felicitate deserving students.
This year the event has chosen "ENVIRONMENT" as its theme and STH will be giving an insight into the landslide situation around Kalimpong during the ceremonies.

2. Documentary film on "Landslide Hazards" with DECU, ISRO, Ahmedabad and NDMA.
DECU, has been asked by NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) to produce a documentary film on landslide hazards targeting students between the age group of 12-16yrs.
STH is proud to be associated with this venture and we are working closely with DECU towards this end. The film should be ready by Dec2010.

3. 26-29Oct2010 (2nd World Congress on Disaster Management, Hyderabad).
Times of Disaster Management (TODM), is the only magazine in India entirely devoted to Disaster Management and STH has been featured in the magazine earlier (see here). The magazine forms a part of DMICS, (Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Control Society), a Hyderabad based organization which is hosting the 2nd World Congress on Disaster Management in OCT2010.
STH will be participating in this event.

4. 01- 02Nov2010 (First Indian Landslide Congress, Lucknow).
I am glad to state that 77 hi-resolution photographs of landslides in the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalayas have already been dispatched by us (and received) to the organizers of the event for a photo-exhibition. Further details are here

5. Article in Book on "Darjeeling Himalaya - people and environment".
Prof Mamata Desai, is an eminent scientist who is head of Dept of Ecology, Physical and Human Resources, Netaji Institute of Asian Studies in Kolkata.
She is editing a book tentatively titled "Darjeeling Himalaya - people and environment". STH will be contributing an article on the landslide scenario in Darjeeling.

Praful Rao

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Yankey said...

It is very sad to see such a devasted pictures and also to know damages caused by the landslides this year.. We would be very grateful if you could kindly keep updating about the highways and and roads have been maintained and back on track...