Saturday, August 21, 2010

Landslide in Sikkim :19Aug2010

SaveTheHills is a Kalimpong - based organization & as such our work has, for the most part been Kalimpong-centric- I am sure that this leads many to think that Kalimpong is the most landslide prone area in this region and the other major urban centres and areas in the district and in Sikkim are totally devoid of this scourge.
This perception could not be more inaccurate - I am very sure that other areas are as badly if not worse affected - it is only that the effects of this disaster form are so localized that no one except those directly affected would know or speak about landslides. Alas, this is a disaster form which nibbles away insidiously without many noticing the malaise until it is too late.
In this regard, I know that the state of Sikkim has had many more landslides this year than Darjeeling district, yet it this fact has hardly been noticed or acknowledged.

Praful Rao

Photo credit : Sikkim express


manv said...

this road is also maintained by 764 BRTF SWASTIK(GREF).
we will make the road throgh for all traffic by monday. a culvert is being constructed on top priority

Rupesh Chowdhury said...

Hi I studied in KPG and landslides are a major problem. It has become a bigger problem with all the deforestation going around. We should all work together to support the United Nations Millennium Campaign so that the problems that the hills face will improve over time. You can join this cause on: &

seasoned_soul said...

hello Rupesh,
thankyou for the info, have looked into it. STH is doing what it can to improve the landslide situation in the hills. The problem however is vastly connected with other issues- social, economical and environmental. The UNmdg's of ensuring env sustainability and global parternship for dev. is what we fervently support as an ngo.
Sradha ( NGO Volunteer)