Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kalimpong town : Sitting on a time bomb with a 'WHAT, ME WORRY?' smile

Years ago I was an avid reader of Mad Magazine and our predicament  as regards the landslide issue reminds me, today of Alfred E Neuman's (the magazine's iconic mascot) famous, half-wit question - WHAT ME WORRY ??
Thus, even as experts warn us of impending doom - now that we are in the dry season,  landslides have vanished from our minds and we sit smugly without a single worry.
The above photos show the Eastern and Western faces of Kalimpong with landslides threatening to destablize large parts of the town in the not too distant future.
Whereas there is crucial and immediate necessity of a sustained holistic landslide management program (with much of our work being done during these dry months...) we whittle away precious resources and waste valuable time only to see a recurrence of the entire cycle of events and with much more  ferocity and vengeance in just about 120days from now.
What I am sure of is that the situation is worse not better in Kurseong and Darjeeling and that come the monsoons, we will again live thru 5 months of hell.
But for the time being...


Praful Rao

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