Sunday, January 3, 2010

An expert's ( Prof Nitin Som) view about landslides

" Landslides occur as natural phenomena in hilly terrains and also due to disturbances caused by construction activities, e.g., housing and transportation. Natural slopes which have established a balance with the geological and geotechnical features of the area get disturbed by human actions like mining, deforestation and road construction which perforce are required to fulfill the development needs of the area.
Landslides fail to attract as widespread attention as earthquake or cyclone because landslides usually occur in “remote” areas on the hills, often far away from the urban growth centres. Yet instances are plenty where landslides have killed thousands of people and the resulting economic loss to the region has been no less than that from a major earthquake or cyclone."

Prof Nitin Som
former Head of Department,
Civil Engineering,

Praful Rao

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