Sunday, June 29, 2008

Preliminary report on Mamring (Kurseong subdivison)- first major landslide of 2008

A major landslide took place in Mamring, a village of 170 houses in Kurseong subdivision at around 0830hrs today (29Jun2008).
Luckily there were no casualties, but the area is still in danger because of the huge boulders from above which threaten to flatten the village at any time.
Because of the impending hazard, 59 families from Mamring have been evacuated to
a school which is situated away from the landslides.

Report and photos filed by

Bhushan Chettri, Kurseong


comment by praful rao

I think it is time we listened to what our mountains are telling us.....

- my thanks to Bhushan and his source for the photos and the story


Chhandita said...

WHEN Wil the authorities wake up? i am praying for the hills... hoping their voice is heard.

Sunil said...

To save the lives and properties from such devastating landslides in Darjiling Himalayas large scale landslide hazard zonation maps along with detailed geo-technical investigation of lnadslides are necessary.
Dr. Sunil Kumar De
Department of Geography & Disaster Management,
Tripura University