Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An SOS to the Government

Placed below is a copy of the fax sent to, Mr BL Meena (IAS), Caretaker Administrator, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council -DGHC ie Chief Executive Officer of Government of West Bengal at Darjeeling by the Citizen's Right Forum - an NGO comprising of Senior Citizens of Kalimpong.


Mr. B.L. Meena (I.A.S.);
The Caretaker Administrator,




It is our earnest wish that you take this as a S.O.S from Kalimpong.

The condition of some areas seriously ravaged by the last rains is so precarious that the villagers, even now, have to abandon their houses/huts and take refuge in safer places when it starts raining. One must actually see to believe this phenomenon!

The urgent need of the hour is to save these villagers and villages from the fury and devastation of the coming rains. This potential and imminent calamity needs to be tackled immediately by the governing body of the DGHC.

Please be so kind as to realize the enormity of the situation and no to permit account-auditing to deter or delay relevant preventive measures.

Our considered opinion is that all preventive steps should commence promptly and on war footing. Fund, no matter the source, must be made available immediately to get the work going.

We wish, moreover to meet with you during your next visit to Kalimpong.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully

(N.P Dikshit)

Citizen’s Right Forum


Copy to S.D.O. Kalimpong


Comment by praful rao

By way of a small explanation...the letter talks about "account auditing" which is apparently necessary as per procedure prior to release of funds for landslide prevention. This auditing maybe required since the New Administration under Meena has just taken over after the banishment of one time strongman, Subhash Ghising's GNLF regime.

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