Sunday, May 11, 2008

Landslide and slide prone areas in Kurseong (Updated version)

Landslide / slide prone areas are designated by RED dots

More specifically:-

1. Saat Ghumti bustee(St.Mary's)
2.Lower Kharia bustee (St Mary's)
3. Rohini Pohila Gaon(Gayabari)
4. Upper and Lower Sirubari
5 Dhobi Khola
6 Giddha Pahar
7. 17th mile, Gayabari
8 Tindharia Gairigaon
9.Cricket Bazar (Tindharia)
10. 2 Busty (Tindharia)
11.Daragaon Sirisey (Ambootia)
12. Mumring (Sittong)
13.Turuk (Sittong)
14.Bara Sittong Busty
15.Kunti Taar (Sittong)
16.Ratnaydang (Gayabari)
17.Lower Paglajhora
18. Lapche Kothi Chisopani (Rohini)
19.Sherpa Busty (Kurseong College)
20. Subedar Busty (Municipal Area)
21. Cutlery Busty (Municipal area)
22. Goethals Siding

Information and sketch provided by

Bhushan Chettri
IIIrd year student,
Kurseong College

Comment by praful rao

I have replaced the earlier map (and blog) by this one which shows the landslide situation in greater detail.
My thanks to my young friends Bhushan (and Mikma) from Kurseong for their effort in obtaining the maps and info.

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