Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update on landslide dam in North Sikkim (17Aug2016) : Satellite images from NRSC/ISRO

All images post by Dr SS Porwal on 'Landslide Management' WA group. I have sharpened the images and increased sizes in PS.
  • Water level in the dam seem to be fluctuating, it had dropped 7' yesterday morning but increased by 5' later in the day.
  •  GSI estimates the landslide, which is said to be a rock avalanche to be 1km long and width 572m. As per reports from the site, the slide is still active with large rocks still sliding down occasionally.
  • The landslide dam has been breached and the outflow from the dam and water levels in the pondage are being monitored continuously.
Praful Rao,

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