Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Update : Ulster team visit to Darjeeling for 'Landslide Studies'

While referring to this report, the update on the visit is as follows :-
  • A 9 member team (7 scientists from UK and 2 from IIT, Hyderabad) will arrive Kalimpong on 29Feb2016.
  • The team leader is Prof Gerard Parr of Ulster University - the project being funded by the British Council.
  • They are experts from different disciplines and includes Dr David Petley who is a world authority on landslides.
  • They will be in Kalimpong for 3 days wherein they would visit a number of major landslide areas in the vicinity of Kalimpong town and also set up 2 AWS stations.
  • An interactive session between and experts and designated public figures (includes a wide representation of people from the region) is scheduled during the stay.
  • A press briefing is also planned.

    Praful Rao,
    Dist Darjeeling

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