Thursday, April 11, 2013

STH activities : A meeting with Shri Jaswant Singh, Hon MP from Darjeeling - 07Apr2013.

STH had the distinct  privilege of meeting Shri Jaswant Singh, distinguished MP of Darjeeling,during his visit to the hill resort in the first week of Apr2013. 
STH President, Wg Cdr Praful Rao(retd) initiated the talk with a power point presentation on the changing rainfall patterns in the hills of Darjeeling and the landslide situation and then went on to suggest/request the following:-
a) Requirement of early warning system which will alert communities.
b) Better means of forecasting/predicting extreme events such as inordinately heavy rainfall.
c) Requirement of GSI Circle Office in Darjeeling district since as per the GSI, we are in an highly landslide prone area and the nearest GSI office is in Kolkata.
d) IMetD Gangtok to include Darjeeling district for weather warnings, forecasts since we are in a contiguous mountainous region and are affected by much the same weather systems as Sikkim.

Praful Rao,

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