Friday, October 14, 2011

All about rainfall

End of the Monsoon report (excerpts from IMD report)
  • For the country as a whole, the rainfall for the season (June-September) was 101% of its long period average (LPA).
  •  Seasonal rainfall was 107% of its LPA over Northwest India, 110% of its LPA over Central India, 100% of its LPA over south Peninsula and 86% of its LPA over Northeast (NE) India.
  • Four depressions formed during 2011 monsoon season as against the normal of 4-6 monsoon depressions per season.

    The Flood Meteorological Office at Jalpaiguri (W Bengal, India) has signed off its operational watch from 14Oct2011 due to withdrawal of the SW monsoons from the Sikkim & W Bengal region.

    Praful Rao

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