Thursday, August 25, 2011

Landslide in Darjeeling town (25Aug2011)

What is worth noting is that we have not have continuous heavy showers in this region in Aug2011 and as such we have had virtually no major landslides during this month in Darjeeling district. 
Also, it was extremely fortunate that the above landslide took place sometime past midnight this morning and as such we had no casualties in an area (located  below the famous, heritage Windamere Hotel)  which is otherwise thronging with tourists and pedestrians all thru the day.

Rainfall in Darjeeling on 24Aug2011: 129mm
Rainfall in Kalimpong on 24Aug2011 : 6mm
Rainfall in Gangtok on 24Aug2011 : 7mm

Photo Credit : Mr Mohan Lama, Darjeeling

Praful Rao

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