Friday, June 3, 2011

Rainfall May2011 - running deficient again.

Rainfall Data of May 2011

Darjeeling (126mm)     Kurseong (291mm)     Kalimpong (91mm)

Normal rainfall  for Darjeeling district in May - 258.7mm (Source)

Note :STH ARGs are located at Gandhi Road in Darjeeling, Dow Hill in Kurseong and Tirpai in Kalimpong.

As in this period in 2010 we have had a deficiency in rainfall this year.

Praful Rao

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jag said...

useful data and coverage of awareness. eye opener that nothing substantial has been done by the previous state government to prevent and mitigate this man made situation.

hope the monsoon havoc is reduces this season due the good efforts of STH. since the accessibility in the remote areas is one of the major issue hope that to prevent disaster effectively during monsoon the national disaster management, army, ITBP etc extend their support to the local administration.