Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of rainfall and rainfall gauges

Since most of the landslides in the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya are rain induced, we have made it our business to monitor rainfall in the district's 3 main towns (Darjeeling,Kurseong & Kalimpong) using wireless Automatic Rainfall Gauges (ARGs) shown above. The device records rainfall data automatically for 9 days, displays outside and inside temperatures, is affordable (approx Rs4,700 in India) and is virtually maintenance free;  it can also be bought online in India. I do believe many schools are interested in acquiring these devices as a part of their geography laboratory equipment.
In addition, I have learnt that India Meteorological Department will be installing Automatic Weather Stations in several towns in the district which includes Kalimpong and Pedong (Darjeeling already has an AWS  for some time now) - these devices are, of course, a lot more expensive and record a whole lot of other parameters which can be read here
We have started recording the rainfall data since last month and rainfall for the month of APRIL 2011 is as follows :-

Darjeeling (82mm)        Kurseong (67mm)        Kalimpong(51mm)
(Gandhi Road,                (Dow Hill,                               (Tirpai,
 Darjeeling)                     Kurseong)                             Kalimpong)

We will upload monthly rainfall day wise from JUNE 2011

Praful Rao

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jag said...

Great step for setting up a warning system which will definitely help save some of the precious human life. wish the state and district administration are more useful to the great efforts by the STH