Sunday, July 4, 2010

STH Activities : Working with students ,03Jul2010

From the vantage point of location, what was achieved in a 30 min talk, I am sure 20 classroom lectures would have never have done.
It was possible for the 170 children to see at least 3 major landslide zones on the eastern face of Kalimpong town and also observe the cause of the slides viz the tremendous developmental activity which is taking place on the Kalimpong ridge line.
Like in all other towns of the district, urbanization at the crest is taking place at a frenetic pace, leading to a huge increase in the volumes of surface run-off (rain) water. This eventually finds its way into the natural drains or jhoras which are incapable of handling both the volume and velocity of water - resulting in uncontrolled erosion and scouring. Right now this is taking place in rural areas and at the base of the hills but unfortunately the slides are creeping upwards towards the densely populated urban areas.

Praful Rao
My grateful thanks to the St Augustine School Alumni Association for enabling us to do what is one of STH's primary roles - sensitizing the student community.

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