Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lessons we never learn...1

Kazi Gaon in Tungsung was severely affected by landslides during Cyclone Aila last year…eight people died and one body was never found. Three photos (1/2/3) of that period are placed below and substantiates why I term these as man made disasters. It is well documented that Tungsung is a very vulnerable area but as can be seen in photos 4/5, the sides of the road have been lined with 6-7 storeyed buildings.
Though the ridge tops and the ridge of the Jalapahar-Katapahar area are comparatively stable the lower reaches are today densely populated and have become increasingly landslide prone.
This problem is undoubtedly exacerbated by people mindlessly throwing all the garbage into the newly built drains clogging them (photo6)

My thanks to Ms Kakoli Chowdhury of Darjeeling for the article and photographs

Praful Rao

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